Can I put the Closca Bottle in the microwave?

Can I put the Closca Bottle in the microwave?

No. Our bottle is not suitable to be used in microwaves, as the built-in NFC chip would be unusable. You can heat liquids separately and put them in your bottle, but remember, they should not exceed the maximum temperature of 70 degrees.
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    • What material is the Closca Bottle made of?

      They are made of borosilicate glass, one of the strongest and most resistant glasses on the market. The Closca Bottle is BPA free, bisphenol A is a toxic chemical that is found in many plastics.
    • How can I clean my Closca Bottle?

      Its dual opening, with a top and bottom cap, allows you to clean it easily by hand and in the traditional way you would wash a glass, or alternatively, the outer silicone also means the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher.
    • What are the bottle’s measurements?

      The bottle measures 20cm in height and its bottom opening is 5cm, so you can put ice or fruit inside and attach our tea infuser accessory.
    • Where can I buy spare parts for the CLOSCA mask?

      Currently, the spare parts for CLOSCA mask can only be purchased on our website, We are working to offer our CLOSCA mask in physical stores and on other on-line platforms
    • In what colours is the silicone in the bottle available?

      Closca Bottle is iconic and timeless, so it is available in white, grey and black. The flap can include a small strip of coloured fabric so you can match it to your style.