Will the price of the CLOSCA mask be regulated by the government?

Will the price of the CLOSCA mask be regulated by the government?

*This rule will not be the same for all countries.
*This rule can be changed by each country during the COVID-19 situation

At the moment In Spain is not controlled because the Spanish Ministerial Order SND/354/2020 is only for controlling the price in surgical masks certified by UNE 0064-1, UNE 0064-2, UNE 0065, EN 14683 or similar standards. CLOSCA mask is not certified yet.Our CLOSCA mask and filters are not under the scope of this regulation.
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    • How much is the CLOSCA mask?

      You can find all the prices directly on our website, in the CLOSCA MASK section. In this section you will find the option to buy also spare parts (filters)
    • Can I wash the CLOSCA mask?

      Please follow the washing instructions for filter and CLOSCA mask. Any modification will be notified by our communication methods. Mask and filters can be washed and cleaned. For correct cleaning, you must follow the instructions on the product and ...
    • Can I keep the donated sanitary masks?

      It's not possible. Since now CLOSCA DESIGN S.L. it is sending these sanitary masks to health centers that need it. Currently donations must be centralized by us because it could be problems in their delivery or in customs
    • Where can I buy spare parts for the CLOSCA mask?

      Currently, the spare parts for CLOSCA mask can only be purchased on our website, www.closca.com. We are working to offer our CLOSCA mask in physical stores and on other on-line platforms
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      We currently have 15 color settings for the CLOSCA mask. We are working to offer new options, colors, customizations, etc ...